Ultimate Guide to Google, Azure, IBM, Amazon, SpeechMatics, Kaldi, and HTK ASR systems

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems are becoming an increasingly important part of human-machine interaction. Simultaneously, they are still too expensive to develop from scratch. Companies need to choose between using a cloud API for an ASR system developed by tech giants or playing with open-source solutions.

In this post, we…

While supervised and unsupervised machine learning is a much more widespread practice among enterprises today, reinforcement learning (RL), as a goal-oriented ML technique, finds its application in mundane real-world activities. Gameplay, robotics, dialogue systems, autonomous vehicles, personalization, industrial automation, predictive maintenance, and medicine are among RL’s target areas. …


Code reviews can be done in different ways across companies with various managerial approaches in different cultural environments. Of course, this practice impacts the company’s culture, the professional growth of teams and individuals, and, all in all, the results of your work. This article provides you with a list of…

Docker helps to develop, test, and deploy software simplified. Moreover, Docker has become a synonym for containerization today, gaining wide popularity. But what if you are new to this technology and are taking baby steps? Then read on our close-up on containers, Docker vs. VMs, and Docker Compose.

Containerization explained

Before we delve into the details of Docker and Docker Compose, let us define the principal idea of containerization. Skip to the following blocks without any ado if you are eager to reveal Docker’s nuts and bolts immediately. …


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